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When You Dare - Lori Foster Okay I have to admit that I think that Lori writes the best Alpha males. There hasn’t been single one of her males that I haven’t fallen in love with and wanted for my own. Once again she delivers a great story with an awesome male Dare and a great heroine Molly.

Dare is a protector. He feels like it is his responsibility to help those that can’t help themselves and are in danger, either from themselves or from others. So when he finds Molly in the absolute worst place imaginable and in horrible shape he rescue’s her. There is just something about Molly that gets to him, and he has to find out who did this Molly. The more that he is with her, the more he wants to protect her not because she is in need of protecting but because he HAS to protect her for his own well-being as she has become very important to him, and it is now personal.

I have to say that there was nothing I didn’t like about Dare, from his personality to his looks, to how he not only treats Molly but those he considers under his care, from his girls (not going to tell you who they are) to his best friend and personal assistant Chris, to his partner Trace and Trace's sister Alani.

Molly is one of those heroines that I really liked. She decided that she wasn’t going to allow what had happened to her to control her but that she was going to control it. She insisted on being with Dare as he investigates every aspect of her life to find out who paid to have her kidnapped.

From the moment that Dare rescues Molly they have this connection. Dare begins to understand that there is more to Molly than being from a very wealthy family and also successful in her own right. The tension and chemistry between these two as they work together is great.

I could go on and on about this book and how Molly and Dare both individually and together but I think I am going to let everyone else discover how awesome they are and how great this book is all by themselves. For me personally Lori has hit the ball out of the park on this series. These guys may be close to bumping the men of Visitation down on my list of favorite hero's by Lori. I can hardly wait to see what she does with Trace in his book up next.

Grade B+/A-
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