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Savage Nature - Christine Feehan This is one of my favorite paranormal series being written. The characters are all well written and complement each other really well.

Drake is finally going to be able to shift again after what feels like a lifetime. An injury he sustained in Wild Rain has kept him from shifting. When he was injured working for Jake Bannaconni in Burning Wild he was finally able to have his leg fixed. His latest assignment to investigate the letter that Jake had received from someone living on his property in the Louisiana Bayou. What he didn’t expect was Saria. He is completely floored over by her, and her courage and willingness to help him discover what is going on.

Saria is a great character. She will do anything to protect her family, and her spot in the world. When She sends the letter asking for help she had no clue that when it arrived it would change her life forever.

I can honestly say that I have read every single one of Christine Feehan’s books that have been published. Of all those books I have to say that Drake is my absolute favorite hero. I loved absolutely everything about this book. From the first page to the past page there was nothing that I didn’t like about this book.

Drake and Saria are a perfect compliment to each other. Then there is Saria’s brothers, can I say YUM!! I sincerly hope that their stories will coming soon. They are great secondary characters. We also get see some of our favorites from the other books Joshua (who has a tie to the area), Elijah (when are we going to get his book?) and Evan.

If you are fan of Christine’s and love her leopard series than you NEED to read this book. In my opinion this is the BEST book in this series. I have already read it twice and am thinking about reading it again.

Grade A

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